Net Zero Nottingham

Net Zero Nottingham

Net Zero Nottingham is an exciting new virtual event that will have the quality, pace, engagement and structure of a live TV show rather than just another Zoom style PowerPoint driven webinar.

Designed to provide local authorities and businesses with a clear business case for investing in solar panels and electric vehicles.

What we will cover:

The Business Case & Blueprint for Net Zero

If you are a local authority or business that owns or leases buildings with roofs and/or vehicle fleets find out how you can save a lot of money by investing in solar and electric vehicles.

Let Nottingham City Council de-risk the business case for you by seeing their real world examples.

Rooftop & Carport Solar

“If it doesn’t move we’re going to put solar on it” we examine just one of Nottingham City Council’s solar PV projects that will save their Council Tax payers over £1 million.

“If you have a roof capable of taking solar and you don’t have panels on it you are effectively throwing your tax payers’ or investors’ money away. It’s as simple as that!”

Buying & Running An Electric Car & Light Vehicle Fleet

“If it does move we’re going to make it electric”. The business case for electric cars and light vans is so straight forward and compelling Nottingham City Council are achieving a return on investment within 18 months in many cases.

Nottingham City Council are also pushing the boundaries of electric and proving that even innovations built specifically for the council like electric sweepers deliver better performance and business cases than their diesel equivalent.

Electric Buses, Bin Lorries & Heavy Fleet

If you think heavy electric vehicles just don’t work, think again! Nottingham’s two electric bin lorries are operated in exactly the same way as their diesel equivalent and usually come back to base with 40% charge remaining. And the operators love them!

Nottingham has Europe’s largest and oldest fleet of electric buses and they plan to get more. Find out why.

Obliterate Your Fuel & Energy Bills with Vehicle to Grid

Nottingham City Council is working with Cenex on perhaps the world’s most ambitious and largest vehichle to grid (V2G) pilot study.

V2G technology allows you to use the batteries in your vehicle fleet as a large networked energy storage device. Combined with solar PV and smart energy management you can sell energy back to the grid at peak times at a high price and charge when it’s cheap or free.

The study has already indicated that Nottingham’s busiest vehicle depot could in theory run entirely energy self sufficient. So with V2G the potential is there to have no fuel or energy bills – how much money would that save you?

Easy First Steps to Net Zero

Nottingham City Council can work with you to use solar and EVs to save you money. Get help to de-risk your next business case and achieve the best and safest return on investment.

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